Staycations Rejuvenate The Soul

Like any great vacation, it’s important to do a little planning but also leave some spontaneous time for the unplanned adventure. This balance makes for the most fun possible, no matter where you are. Allowing time for a spontaneous nap in a hammock or catching a peek at a store or event you didn’t know about, priceless. What if you applied these rules of travel to a staycation?

To begin, we must establish what a staycation is, what are the components? Sometimes a staycation is locking the door and turning off the phone and pretending you are somewhere else while remaining in your home! Sometimes it’s staying home, BUT going out and experiencing your city as if you are a tourist. But for our purposes, it is when you pick that amazing resort property that is not too far from home.

This kind of vacation has the added bonus of no flight costs, no need for a passport and a basic knowledge of the area. Plus, since you are driving your car there, you can bring things you would not normally pack. Think outside the box. Bring a plant, your favorite blanket or your dog. Bring speakers for your phone, favorite books and your bike.

This leads us to making some rules. Yep, there needs to be rules. You are going to set some boundaries with yourself! They can be things like: Turn off your work email and maybe your electronics. No worrying or fighting. No going to any restaurant that you have been to before. This staycation is about new experiences in the familiar! Okay, if you really have to run home for that favorite book you forgot, go ahead… but make it quick!!

Now go about your vacation like you would in any destination. Plan a cultural outing like a museum, theatre, sporting event. Engage in some movement: laser tag, golf, walking at the zoo, flying a kite. Bring your bike and bike around instead of using your car. It gives a different perspective to a familiar road. Take a nap in a hammock, get a makeover in the spa, create your own film festival with 3 movies you would never have watched. And remember, try a new exotic restaurant. One last assignment: Wander into random stores and talk to locals. You will discover something new in your own town.

With all that said, Black Label Travel can elevate your staycation beyond your expectations. We can add amenities like room upgrades, credits toward meals or a spa service. We can schedule your tee times, tennis lessons, dinner reservations, and spa appointments. Not only do you not have to fly anywhere, but all the hassle of scheduling is gone. So you see, whether you fly to exotic lands, or drive around the corner, a luxurious vacation awaits! Click here for more ideas on staycations.


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