The Arctic North of Canada is a fairy tale place of pioneer spirit, polar bears, gold prospectors, northern lights, migrating beluga whales and permanent sunny days; where the seemingly impossible comes to life before your eyes. With very sparse human settlement, the tundra of the region comes alive during the summer months when it is carpeted with colorful flowers and the wildlife of the region, of which the indisputable star is the King of the Arctic, emerges. Arctic Canada is defined as the area north of the Arctic Circle, which constitutes the expansive wilderness of the provinces of Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

Things To Do:

Take a tundra buggy out to the best vantage points to view wildlife. It is even possible to stay in a Tundra Lodge with connecting cabins that can be wheeled to a different location at the start of the season to maximize your viewing as you live among the bears!

Dog sledding! There’s nothing like the thrill of whooshing along behind a team of eager huskies, snow flying and harnesses jingling. Make it an hour’s jaunt or a weekend-long trek. You can even drive the team yourself, once a seasoned musher shows you how. Or spend an afternoon visiting with the puppies and touring forest trails at a winter resort.

Get carried away with the wind on a kite ski. A little like wind surfing, a little like cross country skiing, kite skiing harnesses the wind to send skiers skimming across the frozen landscape.

Ice Fishing is a Canadian pastime made legendary in the Northwest Territories. You can grab some rays on a quiet lake beside a cozy lodge, ride to a remote lake on a snowmobile, or travel to your ice-fishing vacation by dog team.

Experience the magic of the northern lights as they dance across the night sky during a stay at a remote and rustic lodge set deep in the Canadian wilderness.

Get a taste of the magical floe edge and discover why it is known as the “Line of Life”. It is here that a variety of wildlife, such as polar bears, narwhals, beluga, seals, and Arctic birds, congregates to travel through the openings in the ice.

How about a Narwhal and Polar Bear Safari? Take off on the ultimate scenic and wildlife safari to witness the migratory patterns of some of the most exceptional animals the Arctic has to offer, including the mystical narwhal and beluga.

Featured Destinations:

Baffin Island – the fifth largest island in the world and is a land of glaciers, fjords, streams and mountains with excellent wildlife spotting.

Western Arctic – See two national parks: Aulavik and Tuktut Nogait. And visit a medley of idyllic villages, from friendly Fort McPherson to Ulukhaktok, site of the farthest-north golf tournament on Earth.

Arviat – a remote town that boasts the famous Polar Bear Alley, where these lovable white bears gather between October and November.

Churchill – a starting point for many adventures Visiting the various parks and attraction in this untamed wilderness is an experience in itself, as you venture aboard expedition ships, soar above the tundra by helicopter or navigate the desolate plains in a self-contained tundra vehicle. This is a great destination to see the beautiful Arctic fox and the King of the Arctic (polar bear) in their natural habitat!

Yellowknife – Closer to the Arctic Circle than any other Canadian city, this is the North’s capital of cool. Skyscrapers rearing up from the outcrops, casting long shadows over Great Slave Lake. A festival in an ice-palace, and a music concert on a sandy lakeshore. And a whole bunch of friendly, off-beat locals, making their home and having a heckuva time in the biggest little city in Canada.