Sundance Bound…

The 2019 35th Annual Sundance Film Festival, located in Park City, Utah has asserted “Risk Independence”  as the theme to usher in this year’s festival. Any minute the festival program will be announced and, with a new programming director, you can be sure it will be filled with risky, creative, fresh, and fascinating film fare.

This year’s festival will be held from Thursday, January 24th to Sunday, February 3rd, 2019. You will need a place to stay, a film pass and some adventures booked! Let’s get started!

Where to Stay
There are tons of options. You could choose to stay in a luxurious hotel such as the St. Regis Deer Valley or the Sundance Resort, or if you prefer a more ‘residential’ feel, let Black Label Travel book you an all service condo for your stay.

Think about it this way. It will be decorated with a distinctive mountain charm. You can request access to a hot tub, a fireplace, a full kitchen and as many bedrooms and bathrooms as you need. Next, the part of town you stay in will match the activities you intend to prioritize or the way in which you intend to play!

Films: First off, buy the pass. We can talk you through exactly how to see the films you want to see and the tips and tricks to getting in to the best films at the fest. If you decide to go with a half fest ticket (which is a great choice if you want to do other activities while in Park City), here is how to choose which half!

If you like celebrities and prefer a more active, crowded scene… choose the first half of the fest and spend your days at parties, music performances, taking Instagram pictures and hanging with the masses, while seeing premieres and asking that burning question of your favorite filmmaker at the Q&A which follows each film. Then spend the second half of the fest going to low key, free festival fun, snowmobiling and attending reservations at great restaurants and relaxing spas. If you’re a skier, the Park City ski options are fantastic during the fest because most people are seeing films and the locals have gotten out of dodge. You are likely to have the slopes to yourself!

However, if you want to avoid the crowds, still see all the great films, and ski Park City with NO crowd while all the movie stars are soaking up the attention… chose the second half of festival and seize the powder!

Now that you know where you’re staying and what you’re doing, here are a few insider tips to keep in mind.

  • Get everywhere on the free shuttles and ask the volunteers at every stop exactly where to go.
  • Go to lunch at Grub Steak and get their buffet.
  • Go to the discussions and panels at the festival during the day.
  • Walk main street for freebies the first weekend when all the promotional teams are there.
  • Talk to the people in line around you. You never know who they are!
  • Go to Freshies for a lobster roll.

The time is closing in on the festival so let Black Label Travel find you a snowy cabin, an adventure, and sumptuous meals to fuel your time on the mountain.

Shannon Calder, travel writer [Follow her on TwitterInstagram]

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