Seychelles on the Seashore

Happy Birthday to me! The Seychelles on your birthday? Heck yeah! What a beautiful way to relax after trekking through South Africa. Beautiful beaches and vistas all around. With 115 islands in the archipelago, there is plenty to choose from.

“Seychelles? I’ve heard of it, but where is it exactly?” To answer that often-posed question, it lies off the east coast of South Africa, just north of Madagascar. It also happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Often compared to its popular counterpart, Maldives, the topography is different. Whereas Maldives is primarily atolls, Seychelles is a combination of mountainous islands towards the central part, with the outer ring consisting of atolls sprinkled with sugar white sand. There are islands here that are largely unexplored. It is the perfect getaway for those of you who really need to unwind and unplug. If you’re considering locations for a romantic getaway, Seychelles should be on your list – Prince William and Kate spent their honeymoon here. That’s a pretty strong endorsement.

What do you do here? Great diving and snorkeling. The largest tortoises in the world – even larger than the famed Galapagos Tortoise. Boating, water sports & world class fishing. Seriously, one of the prime fishing destinations in the world.

The gigantic Coco de mer coconuts weighing in at about 60 lbs. are endemic to Seychelles. The passport stamp is a Coco de mer! The shells are certified and sold for upwards of $300. Although you cannot eat the meat from these large nuts, you can proudly display them in your home. You cannot just pick one up and take it home. They are highly protected. You need to be really careful where you buy them, and ensure you have the right certification with it. Before you purchase, check for a holographic sticker on the coco de mer and an official permit. Quite the prize for your far-off exotic journey!

For some, Seychelles seems like a far off exotic destination only to be dreamed of. My advice to my readers would be to pair it with a South African Adventure. Pre or post, it is all about relaxation and balance and will not disappoint.


Giant Tortoise

Creole boy with Coco de Mer

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