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Are you a jaded luxury world traveler? Search no more. Italy is your mecca. Today, let us concentrate on Sicily. On a map this little place looks like a football getting kicked by the boot of Italy. In person, with its mountain top villages and endless vineyards, the most legendary active volcano, secretive ocean caves, and Godfather like older gentlemen gesticulating madly over fresh seafood at the locals’ hidden restaurant, there is no other place more complicated or more majestic than Sicily.

With Black Label Travel, this island will fill you with calm serenity while you enjoy the best accommodations, hidden restaurants, curated locations void of tourists, and the most custom land and sea adventures imaginable.

Here are some suggestions of how to take Sicily… by land, by sea and by air!

By Land
Whether you are in the decadent Verdura Resort or a boutique vineyard hotel serving its own wines… luxury will find you. Do not forget to get yourself an authentic and traditional Cannoli Siciliani with ricotta cheese, NOT cream.

By Sea
Would you like to charter a yacht? Done. This is a stunning coastline worthy of panoramic DSLR shots and Instagram quickies that will wow the most jaded of travelers. Explore hidden caves historically frequented by Truman Capote and take your meals on the ship deck after a frolic in the sea.

By Air
Take a helicopter ride above the 11,000 foot Mount Etna, a legendary active volcano, where its smoke and lava is visible from your air carriage. Fields of lava meet groves of trees in this visceral experience of nature at its most primitive. As adventure goes, this is a white knuckle experience!

Please put this experience on your personal bucket list. Sicily, as the largest Mediterranean island, has everything to offer in its rich history, natural wonders, and dense cultural identity. Sicilians are Sicilians before they are Italians. But if you like it simple, the beaches are dreamy, the afternoons are long, the wine is fresh, and the people will charm you in your dreams.

Shannon Calder, travel writer [Follow her on TwitterInstagram]

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