Digital Nomads

Our lives are crafted by the choices we make. Our lifestyles are not created by luck. Would you like to be location independent? Work for yourself? Be free? Many people would shout a resounding yes. You just need to make different choices.

The financially independent are now wanting to be location independent. Is that you?

Use your financial clout and technological knowledge to drop out of the 9 to 5 rat race. Take telecommuting to the next level with a working sabbatical while traveling abroad. You basically have two types of lifestyles to choose from.

The first is the digital nomad lifestyle, which means just that, you live like a nomad while trying to make a living. Perhaps you have fantasized about living on the road, all your belongings in a back pack, taking odd jobs you never imagined and being blown by every wind. Try it if that sounds exciting! Please keep in mind some drawbacks.
*Exhaustion – living your life on constant trains, planes and automobiles is tiresome business.
*Loneliness – constant travel makes it difficult to build a supportive community. At first that may be okay, but this catches up to you.
*Broke – resources can get very tight.

The second is the location independent lifestyle, which means you have a home base but a job you can do from anywhere. The difference is choice. You can be at home OR traveling AND do your job. Because you have both; a home and the freedom to be elsewhere. Now that’s freedom!! You have the financial resources and the skills to provide professional freelance services? OR publish ebooks, start a blog, create online courses, virtual tutoring… the options are endless.

How can Black Label Travel help with this? Who better than a travel expert to suggest the top 5 location options for you in particular? Maybe you want to spend 9 of 12 months traveling and working. Have Black Label Travel craft those work sabbaticals or extended apartment stays to your needs! Plus you need vital information about how to get much more affordable health care and how to tweak a cheaper but more abundant lifestyle with a slower pace. It is out there. You need assistance with all the details as well as with the creative process. The added bonus is that Black Label Travel lives a location independent lifestyle… so guess what? You are talking to an expert!

Remember, pursuing a lifestyle of freedom IS actual freedom. Get started!

Shannon Calder, travel writer [Follow her on TwitterInstagram]

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