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Have you been considering going out of the country for medical treatment? American trained international doctors are leaving America in droves to join organizations such as Doctors Without Borders. With Baby Boomers getting older and health insurance becoming more and more complicated… many people are choosing to research and travel to exotic locations to pay a fraction of what Americans pay for procedures in the U.S. Countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Panama and Columbia are all popular choices. This does not mean you need to stay in ‘cheap’ or marginal accommodations. You can travel and recover in style.

Patients Beyond Borders reported that close to a million Americans went outside the U.S. last year for medical treatment. Get your surgery for pennies on the dollar in the exotic location of your choice on a comfortable trip that is curated and created especially for you by Black Label Travel. Even though traveling to a different country for treatment purposes might be intimidating, make the most of your trip and combine your medical visit with leisure and restorative self care.

Top specialties for medical tourism range from cosmetic and weight loss surgery to dentistry to cardiovascular and orthopedics with savings ranging from 20-90%. Whether you decide on Bangkok in Thailand, Chennai in India or Budapest in Hungary, use some of the money you saved on your treatment to convalesce in 5 star accommodations with all the details taken care of for you.

Things to Remember

Make sure to consult your doctor on whether travel before or after your procedure is advisable and what level of adventure you will be up to. You want to make sure to book enough days pre and post treatment to be comfortable.

75% of people who travel for medical purposes bring a companion. Not only can they support you when you are recovering but leisure is best with a companion!

Most people are particular about their food choices so let Black Label Travel help you with your food choices ahead of time so you’re not stuck with nothing to eat when you are not feeling well.

Strategize on how you will communicate. Prepaid international cell phone? Sim Card? Calling cards? WiFi at the hospital? Laptops?

Let Black Label Travel call ahead, research all the particulars so that you may convalesce in style!

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