Gastronomic Travel

A curated gastronomic travel experience gives you the mouth-watering travel experience you have been wanting your whole life. As always… I am here to help you decide which adventure is right for YOU.

If you want food or alcohol to be the central point of your vacation, there are some interesting trends.

Pop Up Dinners

Pop up dinners are temporary restaurants. They are often operated out of a private home, during a festival, or use of a space that is usually empty but on a popular street or on a farm. These dinners can be lavish events and encourage chefs to be their most create selves. They also often include alcohol pairings and entertainment. Forward thinking chefs and event planners create unique experiences of often double-digit course menus that you do NOT want to miss. For example, in Los Angeles there is a new pop up dinner series that couples historical homes and their architecture with nouveau cuisine. And another that includes disco, art, unlimited oysters and alcohol along with 10 courses of delicious food.

Slow Cooking

You may have experienced many food “movements” in your life time; the raw food movement, the sustainable food movement, the rise of the vegan. We are now having a slow food movement. Maybe you grew up with a crockpot? This movement is more than just a vintage appliance. It began in Italy in the 1980’s and values traditional and regional cuisine and emphasizes plants and livestock that jive with the local ecosystem. It is about more than food. It is a cultural assertion. This movement is an ethic and a lifestyle that is in opposition to the fast food culture. Pick a destination and find the closest slow food group and have Black Label find you a hosted slow food dinner. You will not regret it.

Michelin Star Restaurants

The Michelin star is part of a restaurant rating system from the famous French Michelin Guide. If you earn a Michelin star you ARE a star. So what does it take? It’s very mysterious, but they do use anonymous inspectors who make unscheduled visits. You must be exceptional, have an impeccably clean restaurant, build a reputation, and be innovative, but nobody really knows exactly what it takes to earn a Michelin star. After they earn the star, most chefs become well known and very, very busy as well as carrying the ongoing pressure to KEEP the Michelin Star. Would you like to see what all the excitement is about? How about a tour of Michelin Star restaurants at your favorite destination?

Wine, Ale and Spirits

If you would like alcohol to take focus in your culinary experience, you have many choices at your disposal. Please rely on your luxury travel expert at Black Label Travel to sort it out for you. All you need to remember is that there are other choices to consider besides the well-known wine tours in Napa, Spain, or Italy. Don’t get me wrong. They are brilliant places with wine artists on every vineyard, but what about a wine tour in Israel? You didn’t think of that? Well, check it out. Israel now has a generation of winemakers very invested in modern wine making. Or a whiskey paired meal in Scotland. Or gourmet cocktails featuring local fruits and herbs served with your locally sourced slow food dinner.

Simply put, pick an area that is next on your travel to do list, state your desire for a culinary experience, and Black Label Travel will present you with the very best and most exclusive options in the area. Don’t know where to go? No worries. We have suggestions for every palette. We guarantee you’ll be pleasantly sated to the brim with not only delicious tastes, but of unique memories to remember at your every meal.


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