All The World’s A Stage

Do you dream of traveling to a place with endless theatre? Do you love the behind the scenes angle? So whether it is attending 10 Broadway plays in a week, going on a VIP tour of the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood or seeing the best London theatre those pounds will buy… get out there this spring and summer and take in the culture of live entertainment. Theatre, opera, ballet and sports, all considered live entertainment! The options are endless. Whatever you like to watch, you can create a travel adventure around it that you will never forget.

In the early 90’s, I spent 6 months living in London and going to theatre there and all over Europe. Ballet, opera, plays, outdoor, indoor, if there were people in a production… I bought a ticket. Additionally, live sporting events are terrific and I personally have been to soccer in Norway, rugby and cricket in London, Jai – Alai in Mexico, and tennis at Wimbledon. I have been a subscriber to theatre, a season seat holder to sporting events and a regular in the audience at comedy shows. While living in San Diego, I was a part of 3 different theatre companies and sat many a night in the Old Globe theatre watching the phenomenon that is live theatre.

But you don’t have to be a fanatic like myself. Start with something simple.

The Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA has a 30 minute walking tour that tells you stories of the cinema palace in its 90 year history. I suggest then seeing an IMAX movie there and going next door for shopping and a fabulous lunch. Black Label Travel can whip that up for you and put you in a posh hotel to boot.

Slightly more complicated? London has so many choices for theatre and exploration. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre has exhibition and globe tours every 30 minutes that bring the ol’ girl to life as if it were 1599. They also give Exhibition and Bankside tours of nearby streets, the original playhouse, the Globe and the Rose (40 minutes).

Then there are the productions!

May through September of this year the Globe is having their Summer of Love. Sink in to King Lear, Romeo and Juliet, Much Ado about Nothing, and Twelfth Night. This will get some serious Shakespeare checked off your bucket list. I can safely guarantee that performances in England of Shakespeare are above and beyond what you might imagine. The English glow with the innate understanding of their bard and the intricate and scandalous nature of his plays. The Globe even has special midnight performances! That has GOT to be a raucous good time with a play like Twelfth Night.

London is just one destination of so many, but hopefully your interest is peaked and you are inspired to call Black Label Travel and ask about your own cultural revolution through live entertainment. Think Chicago, New York, London, Nashville, Austin, New Orleans, Melbourne, Berlin, Tokyo, São Paulo or Dublin! Dedicate at least one vacation in your life to live entertainment and up your game to the BEST, most LUXURIOUS tour you have ever been on. Let Black Label Travel overwhelm your expectations and exhaust your ability to be awed.

Shannon Calder, travel writer [Follow her on TwitterInstagram]

The Drowsy Chaperone Musical

Don Quixote Ballet

Barber of Seville Opera

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