France…Oh La La

While studying for my French Major at the University of Arizona, I had the incredible opportunity of going to Normandy to live with a family for two months one summer. Arriving in the small village of Tinchebray was like a fairy tale to me. It was my first time traveling abroad and I was filled with wonder and awe at the reality of what I was experiencing. My French family was so warm and welcoming and were OH so patient with me as I struggled to communicate in their language. Days were spent studying with my fellow students, while weekends were spent exploring the country – Bretagne, Mont St. Michel, The D-Day Beaches, the list goes on. After two months, too many pastries and calvados, and much improved language skills, I ventured to Paris where my language skills were truly put to the test.

PARIS…breathtaking, vast, varied, spectacular, and well…it’s Paris! One of the most beautiful cities in the world, hands down. The Parisians are proud of their city as well they should be. I’ve since been back to Paris many times, and each time, I discover new and exciting things that remind me how special the city is.

I cherish my time in France and am so grateful for the opportunity of living and studying there for a time in that small, quaint village, exploring the country and immersing myself in the variety of culture within the culture. I encourage everyone to put France at the top of their bucket list. Beyond the famous, well-known fascinations are a plethora of secret hidden gems that will only endear you more profoundly.

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