Define Luxury

Define a luxury vacation. Is it staying in 5 star hotels, eating at Michelin starred restaurants, driving Ferraris?

What about fishing in a small village in Belize, then preparing your catch of the day with your boat captain right on the beach upon debarking from your small boat?

Or is it being flown by helicopter to the middle of the Moroccan desert to stay in a private tent for a night, dining underneath the unbelievable night sky, gazing at more stars than you have ever imagined possible while being served an extraordinary meal prepared by a chef who has come to this remote destination just to ensure your experience is second-to-none?

For others, enjoying a multi-generational photographic safari in Botswana and then volunteering for a day or two in an elephant camp is luxury.

I have had many conversations with ‘luxury’ travelers whose definitions of luxury are as broad as the Saharan night sky is full of stars. Luxury means different things to different people. Whatever it means to you, the THING is to go out and explore this big, beautiful world. Experiencing the world is life changing and that, in and of itself, is luxury.


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